Atari Jaguar graphics

Atari Jaguar graphics

Atari is a company with a rich history, however, as many people remember, the number of its success is directly proportional to the defeats suffered. Jaguar only a few months acted on the imagination of consumers and lousy games, subsequent delays, high price and CD-ROM, which in combination with the rest looked like a toilet in any case was not a harbinger of new Atari jaguar graphics quality.

Here is the story of one of the most underrated V generation platforms, presented through the eyes of Sam tram of the then President Atari. The story is about an untapped potential that was destroyed by the inconsistency of the system creators and the potential of the first PlayStation…

Atari 64

Atari 64

The console debuted in 1993 and touted as a 64-bit monster (or kitten) made a lot of noise in the industry press. Jaguar Atari 64 on paper crushed the moment in the market competition and managed to be on the black horse V Generation. The beginning was moderately promising, the system sold much better from the competitive 3DO, even though the price was $ 100 higher than promised small. IBM, whose factories produced a kitten did not hide satisfaction, and Atari itself has allocated $ 3 million for advertising, and opened a special hotline.

The idyll, however, didn’t last too long because the exorbitant price, the recombined Mat, programming problems and a small number of games quickly led, Atari 64 to the ground. Accusations that the system only pretends to be a 64-bit console, he fought back like a lioness defending her young tramps himself. „There is no doubt that Jaguar is running 64-bit. Look at the PC-you, called Pentium 64-bit, but no one notices that it is equipped with 8-bit components and chips. Even the clock is 8-bit.”

The Atari Jaguar specs thing, however, was that only part of the chips that Jaguar was equipped with could boast of 64-bits. The console’s main processor offered „only” 32-bit, and the 16-bit control unit (Motorola 68000) is a layout that’s been around for a couple of good years. Therefore, for Jaguar stuck label pseudo 64-bit system. Tramiel also justified the high price of the console, but only when it fell to $149. „At the time of release, we had no other choice, but understands that the price was too high for the average player.

Sales despite being decent did not reach the ceiling we had planned. Jaguar is not profitable from the start, but we see it as an investment in the future.” In one of the interviews there is also an interesting review. „Our equipment, we are able to compare products Gillete. We sell our razors at a price to earn on razors. When the sale of software will increase, it will also have an impact on the demand of the same console, and then we will finally start earning.” Unfortunately, it was only the tram’s pious wishes because the console never started making money on itself…

Atari Jaguar specs

Atari Jaguar specs

Few, however, know that Atari even before the premiere of Saturn signed an agreement with Sega. The case concerned infringement of patents and technologies for which Tramiel had exclusivity. The process went on for a very long time and both companies wanting to have it already went for the Atari Jaguar specs deal. Apart from the fact that Sega paid what you needed, getting in exchange for a 7% stake in the company, the agreement also contained a rather interesting point, which Tramiel did not fail to mention. „We had a very friendly agreement with shoga. There would be no problem if we wanted to spend Tempest 2000 on Saturn, Sega, and could, for example, release Virtua Fighter on Jaguar.”

Looking at it in retrospect, it seems that blue’s decision did not bring any benefit, however, let’s not forget that nothing was decided then. In case Jaguar 64 somehow succeeded and Saturn died releasing their hits on the competitor’s console would always be the way out. The reality was brutal, because, as we know, none of the consoles did not know the sales racks.

Tramiel in its own way agrees with many market analysts who made it clear that the Atari Jaguar graphics can be seen as outdated and outdated. Since the Atari 2600, the company has not been able to boast of success in the console market, synonymous with the Nintendo and Sega platforms.” In some ways right, so the boxes with our consoles huge inscription Jaguar 64, as well as a small brand Atari in the gray corner. Despite the fact that we are focused on the name of the Jaguar we make it clear that this created its Atari slowly taming consumers back to the brand market,” said Tramel.

However, President Atari was well aware that it would not be easy. „When you are at the top it is very hard to keep on it. Atari was on top, Nintendo was on top, Sega also-we’ll see who’s going to be on it this time,” Tramel postulates, until realizing he hasn’t replaced the company that will condemn all the old helpers.”The Atari Jaguar 64 bit players are very smart, and they have a new Toyota model for regular customers every year. They are constantly changing the front, investing in the most fashionable and interesting system at the moment,” he added.

Atari Jaguar 64 bit

Atari Jaguar 64 bitThe fact is that the Atari Jaguar logo in any case does not try to be interesting, and even production like Raiden, Dino Dudes Lee Crescent Galaxy were rooted in the 16-bit era. Gems such as Tempest 2000 or Alien vs Predator appeared too late and were no longer able to save the Atari Jaguar 64 bit system. And how did the Atari President explain the fact that the kitten hasn’t had a game for a long time that would be related to the system, feeding on conversions from the PCT and the Amiga? „Please note that 3DO has no Atari Jaguar logo icons, Sony its not. We, however, believe that it would be cool to have such a toy. If you remember the old tempest, you probably know major Havoc, who goes to the rescue of the space station. It was a great character, we’re going to upgrade it to become Atari’s calling card.”

Players to this day wonder how vector faceless character so fascinated by tram. And then He could not, however, refrain from further comparisons. „Alien vs Predator, Tempest 2000 or Iron Soldier is a game that will not let the Council pull none 16-bit machine, and Saturn could not cope with them better than doing it „Jaguar”. It’s also no secret that most third-party developers have moved away from Atari, although it initially announced support. „I’m a little disappointed with this fact, but not on purpose, because I keep saying we want to be the Main game publisher for our system. Thus, we are going to make money” – commented Tramiel.

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