Buying on the Internet education campaign for consumers

Dear customer. When buying over the Internet:

  1. Check seller reviews
  2. Check the seller’s contact and identification details
  3. Check the terms and conditions for specific returns
  4. Verify that the data transfer occurs on a secure SSL connection)
  5. Check your choice of different payment methods
  6. Read carefully the offer BUFALE of participants at auctions and Bulletin boards
  7. Log out at the end
  8. Write your comment after each transaction
  9. Keep correspondence with the seller
  10. In case of a dispute, use the mediation platform for out-of-court settlement of disputes between the e-store and the consumer.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday and the days next to them make it possible to take advantage of the promotion also in online stores. Poles are increasingly buying over the Internet, which gives a wider choice of products, often lower prices and convenience.

Buying on the Internet education campaign for consumers

However, before you click on the button labeled „Pay”, it is worth remembering a few rules related to online purchases. And know what is different from the point of view of the consumer, buying online from visits to desktop stores and how it looks in the case of online stores located abroad.

Using, in particular, the materials of the Office for the protection of competition and consumers, we have prepared a set of the most important rules.

You have the opportunity to return the goods within 14 days
In contrast to the stores table, which can accept the return or not, the goods purchased via the Internet can be returned without giving reasons within 14 days of receipt. This entry applies to stores registered throughout the European Union.


To make a refund, simply fill out and submit a contract termination application along with the goods the online seller should provide a sample of such application. You can also write them yourself and send them, for example, by e-mail.

Important! If you have not been notified of the right to withdraw, this period is extended to 12 months. The entrepreneur is obliged to return to you all payments made, including the cost of delivery of things in the amount of the cheapest conventional shipping method that offers. However, the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the consumer, if the entrepreneur did not inform him about it or agreed to bear them on their own.However, the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the consumer, if the entrepreneur did not inform him about it or agreed to bear them on their own.

The returned product must not bear any traces of use. However, you can check it on the same as in a stationary store, that is, to the extent necessary to identify the nature, characteristics and functioning of things. If there are traces of use, the entrepreneur can reduce the return value.

In turn, ordering something in China or in the US, you need to carefully read the terms of the return.

Some items cannot be returned
It turns out that not all products are refundable in the EU, even when buying online. Restrictions apply:

  • products with a short shelf life
  • goods made by special order of the client (for example, jewelry with engraving)
  • audio, visual or software recordings whose packaging has been opened after delivery
  • accommodation services
  • services in the field of recreation (e.g., stay in Spa)
  • tickets to concerts or sporting events
  • passenger transportation services (e.g. air ticket)

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