Of course, many parents do not know what the developmental task of the child may be

The child must find it for himself and this task must be really difficult and long-lasting. In the end, we will be like him when we climb the mountain, we just sit and just feel happy. The sign that the child has solved the real task of not having any external praise is good enough by yourself.

First of all, boys go to computers right after school

Today, boys think that their work is developing into computer games. Because in tournaments they can show how good they are. But these tasks are not the only way to help them find a realistic life. Who are the most sensitive children? About 40 percent of German students go to school with anxiety.

First of all, boys go to computers right after school

First of all, boys go to computers right after school. They need at least one or two hours of shooters. The computer serves them as a means of reducing frustration. Standing in the adventures of virtual worlds, the monsters are massacred and become winners, they find a way out of inertia, from the accumulation of aggression. They build their frustration with a peculiar performance.

So the prize system will come into effect. Exactly. It’s as if the children had a wonderful new life. This experience, however, refers to a life that does not exist in reality. Saying neurobiologically, it is fatal: a child trains her in life situations that appear only on the screen.

Computers also increase the illusion of controllability. When a child plays with another, he realizes that in reality not all can be controlled. Another person does not always do what we want. Besides, many guys do not even detect their body during the game. They do not need sleep anymore, they do not react to the signs of hunger or thirst. In Southeast Asia, the first cases of starving and computer-addicted young people have sunk when they are sitting in front of a computer.

All the rest is just a virtual connection

All the rest is just a virtual connection

You’re talking mainly about boys. But what do the girls do with the computer? They talk. Girls feel more in need of something to which they can belong and build relationships. Then, if it really can not be talked to some extent before the able pótkielégítésként lack of intimacy and attachment. The girl where I can not trust every five minutes.

The fact that girls talk so much is a sign that they are really uncertain and can not trust the durability and strength of the relationship. Just like when the chicks call their mother. And real social relations will wither? It does not have to be that way. Only then can they have a real relationship with the other person when they are together.

All the rest is just a virtual connection. Believe in virtual spaces, people are not fully present. They have no smell, no smell, their movements and other manifestations are unrealistic. The peculiarities of encounters in real life do not occur in virtuality. They only communicate in writing during the chat.

Some of them can help teach older people to use computers and the Internet

Some of them can help teach older people to use computers and the Internet

What can parents recognize that their children are drawn into the virtual world? How can they protect their children from impending impoverishment? If the child would rather sit in front of the computer, instead of running there, run and play with others, so if it does not meet the natural needs, then it is disturbing thing parents should react already.

But not by prohibition. Instead, they must try to offer challenges to the real world they can meet. Adventures, unexpected events, surprising and even dangerous situations that a child can overcome from now on. Parents must put something else in the minds of their children, along with these broad computer advisers. Many parents write about childbirth in Asian martial arts, about a tent camp or about looking after smaller children.

Some of them can help teach older people to use computers and the Internet. These children will be able to talk to others later and will be able to solve problems together. In the years that make them decisive for the extent of the brain, their parents provide a wide spectrum of real world experiences.


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