What is online shopping?

Purchase of products and services via the Internet. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular due to convenience (and often lower prices). Especially during the Christmas season shopping on the people avoid the trouble of watching a few stores, and then they wait in long queues to buy a specific item.

Purchase of products and services via the Interne

Currently, companies, organizations and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make a modern type of sale called „online sales” (also known as online sales or sales) https://www.agi.it/salute/acrilammide_patatine_fritte_pane_caffe_cosa_cambia-3690507/news/2018-03-28/ to sell their products, services, ideas or other, not just in the city or country where they live but also in other countries around the world, as well as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For these reasons, it is very convenient that both marketers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs know the answers to three important questions about this type of sales: 1) What is online sales? 2) What are its advantages? and 3) what product categories are suggested to be sold through this type of sale?

In more detail, „when a company, organization or person uses a website (own or third party) to sell their products or services, then another company, organization or person uses a computer connected to the Internet to buy these products or services, it can be said that the parties intervened in electronic transactions or online sales. ”

Therefore, online sales consist of offering products, services, ideas or other via the website in such a way that potential buyers can know what they are and what their benefits and benefits are through this website. and if they are interested, they can buy „online” for example by paying the price of the product with a credit card and then picking it up at the given address (eg when buying books, computer equipment, toys, etc.) or by downloading online (when it comes to products digital, such as software, e-books, pictures, etc.).

On-line sales

On-line sales offers the following benefits for companies that perform this type of sales:

  • Quick adaptation to market conditions: companies can add or remove products to their online catalogs;
  • Or change prices and descriptions. All this in a few hours.

Lower costs: For example, in the case of digital products (books, software, music and movies), the company’s costs related to infrastructure, personnel, insurance, water, electricity, etc. are saved, which are important in the case of physical products. Another example is the visible publication of directories, because digital catalogs are printed lower than the cost.

On-line sales

Audience size: Online sales through the website can take place anywhere in the world, which is why the number of recipients increases significantly in comparison to local or national audience. This advantage is more visible in digital products that can be downloaded online anywhere in the world.
Creating relationships: Thanks to the applications offered today via the Internet (chats, e-mails, forums, etc.), companies can create and maintain customer relations quickly and immediately. In addition, they can obtain valuable information from them via online questionnaires.
The convenience of time and space: online sales can be made by any person, company or organization, anywhere in the world and at any time (24/7).

Online transactions

Minimum restrictions: Both large and small businesses, and even individual entrepreneurs can afford to sell online, either from their own website or through a third party.
Online transactions can be performed using one of the following formats:

  • B2B (Business to Business or Company to Company): This type of e-commerce refers to trading operations between companies, such as placing orders, checking inventory, scheduling production, etc. …
  • B2C (Business to Consumer or Consumer Business): This is a traditional website through which the company offers its products and services to consumers
  • C2C (Consumer for Consumer or Consumer for Consumer): In this type of e-commerce, the consumer offers products and services to other consumers directly via his own website or through websites created by third parties.

Online transactionsIn the field of e-commerce, online purchase is a voluntary activity consisting of purchasing goods or remotely ordering a service via the Internet, in exchange for a price.

In order to make an online purchase, as in any contract, there must be a buyer, a salesperson (service provider of the information society), thing, price and consent, in accordance with art. 1254 of the Civil Code: „An agreement exists for one or several persons who agree to be obliged, with respect to another or others, to provide something or to provide some service.

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